Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Testimonial : LN Haokip @ ARK FOUNDATION- Melange 2015

Host: - Ark Foundation Staff and SMU, COX School of Business, Melange Volunteers
Activities:-Knowledge test, Peom,Story and Drawing Competitions
Total Nos. of Participant: - 62
Age Group:- 10-16 Years
Classes - 5th -9th

Today dated 19/4/2015, Ark Foundation and SMU Staff/ Volunteers organized Activities among children of 10-16 years old classes ranging from 6th to 9th . There were 62 students participants for the Competitions. Apart from poetry and painting competition there were also Multiples choice questions papers related to Mathematics, Science and Social Science. The main aim is to conduct such competitions is to evaluate their mental ability, Knowledge and general understanding of things around them. It also served to developing interest in study among the children. Competition begin at 10:00 AM and last up to 2:00 PM, First of all the organizer from SMU distributed Kits containing bag, Pencil, Eraser ,Color Pencil, Note book and also Drawing book inside it. They also distributed questions papers to their respective classes.

As children are from Government schools it seems most of them found the question Paper little bit difficult especially Math one. But all loves the drawing sections and drew very good Drawings. Many of them also enjoyed writing poetry or stories. Organizing these kind of event is really a very useful and helpful for the children, the competitions encourages children and teach them the importance of studies.

In the end Refreshment (Lassi, Ice-Cream, Cake and Sandwich) given to all and everyone enjoyed them a lot. It was very successful Programme and every child enjoyed the day and even some of the parent accompanying the children thank the host for organizing such a wonderful event and request us to do it next year.

Last but not the least Ark Foundation would like to thank you all SMU team including the volunteers for their great contribution for the betterment of the underprivileged children. Their hard work dedication and consistency has made this event possible. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Warm Regards
L H Haokip
Sr. Project Manager
Ark Foundation

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